Previous Annual Sale Results - Englewood Park

Previous Annual Sale Results

2020%20SALE%20VIDEO.JPG423rd Annual Production Sale October 2020.

Strong demand for Poll Dorset Rams with top rams sold to $2700 at Englewood Park’s sale.

Victoria’s ongoing Covid restrictions couldn’t deter buyers from Englewood Park’s 43rd Annual Production sale. Exceptional quality and favorable seasonal conditions saw increased demand for the premium Poll Dorset and White Suffolk rams, resulting in one of the biggest attended sales in recent years.

With over 47 buyers registered, the bidding was lively from the outset. The first 25 rams on offer, were all sold for over $2,000. The top priced PollDorset Ram (430-19), a spring drop was sold for $2,700 to Cannoah Pastoral Inverleigh. The ram is a late August Drop Ram with an outstanding eye muscle area of 36.59 and at a weight of 112.5 kg.

The 21 White Suffolks all sold to $1,500, with the Dennis family taking home 4 at that price.

Owner Geoff Oliver was pleased with the outcome of the sale and the support shown by his long-term clients.

"This years rams were the best we have offered, with exceptional condition, so we are pleased with the result. We were also pleased to see some fresh faces and thankful to the ongoing support shown from our regular clients."

In total 93 Poll Dorset rams were sold at an average $1,633, while 21 White Suffolk rams sold to $1500 at an average of $1,267.

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IMG_0323.JPG42nd Annual Production Sale October 2019.

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IMG_0158.JPG41st Annual Production Sale October 2018.

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DSCN5910.JPG40th Annual Production Sale October 2017.

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DSCN5719.JPG39th Annual Production Sale October 2016.

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DSCN5147.JPG38th Annual Production Sale October 2015.


DSCN5074.JPG37th Annual Production Sale October 2014.

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DSCN4822.JPG36th Annual Production Sale October 2013.

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DSCN4631.JPG35th Annual Production Sale October 2012.

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DSCN4418.JPG34th Annual Production Sale October 2011.

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DSCN3941.JPG33rd Annual Production Sale October 2010.

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DSCN3549.JPG32nd Annual Production Sale October 2009.

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DSCN3154.JPG31st Annual Production Sale October 2008

Englewood Park Poll Dorset's to a top of $2100

3 stud rams top $2100 Av, $1700

82 flock rams top $950 Av $510

113 rams offered and 85 Sold

John and James Molesworth, Ballark, Morrisons purchased the top two stud rams 6-07 for $2100 and 16-07 for $2000. Both rams had excellent growth and eye muscle area measurements. Flock rams sold to good sold selective bidding with Roy Pickering Baringup purchasing four rams to a top price of $950. There were 24 registered buyers with 4 new clients operating at the sale.

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30th Annual Production Sale on October 3rd 2007

Strong demand for top rams at Englewood Park.

James Molesworth purchased top price ram 289-06 for $2900 a big long well muscled ram weighing 126kgs, fat 7 and eye muscle area of 30.39. Sam Rundell purchased ram 202-06 for $2000 the top ranking stockscan ram with 36.91 eye eye muscle area. Despite the drought and lack of ewe numbers in the district flock rams sold to a strong demand with a top of $1000 with 73 selling out of 96 offered.

4 Stud Rams to $2900 (AV $1975)
73 Flock Rams to $1000 (AV $549)

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29th Annual Production Sale on October 4th 2006

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28th Annual Production Sale on October 5th 2005

A very strong Flock Ram sale with total clearance of 120 Rams to repeat buyers and 3 new clients. Rams went to all parts of Victoria. With 22 clients buying rams.

8 Stud Rams to $1500 (AV $1300)
6 Stud Ewes to $375 (AV $320)
120 Flock Rams to $1300 (AV $780)

Top price Stud Rams
J.P.A. Molesworth, Morrisons, $1500 (Ear tag 394-04)
E.R. & M.C. Harrison, Pomborneit, $1500 (325-04)
R.M. Fox, Yarck, $1500 (185-04)

Top price Elite Stud Ewes
G. & P. Oliver, Ross Creek, 1, $375
D. J. Spalding, Lara, 2, $350
M. Wiseman, Meredith, 2, $300
M. & M. Gillett, Shelford, 1, $300

Top price Flock Rams
M.McKinnon, 2, $1300
C. Young, 25, $1150
G. & L. Pickering, 2, $1050
N. Mibus, 6, $1050
B. Webster, 15 , $950

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27th Annual Production Sale on October 6th 2004

Buoyant bidding at Englewood Park Poll Dorset Sale

Englewood Park Poll Dorset Stud, Inverleigh, conducted its 27th Annual Production sale with a total clearance.

Very strong bidding from start to finish resulted in a record $4250 paid for the top price ram which was sold to Peter and Anne Braybon of Tocumwal.

One of the best line ups of flock rams ever offered also all sold with extremely buoyant bidding.

There were seventeen repeat buyers and four new clients operating in the sale.

The top price flock ram at $1500 was also a record price for Englewood Park's Production Sale.

10 Stud Rams sold to $4250 at an average of $2100; 10 Elite Ewes sold to $460 averaging $390 and 120 Flock Rams sold to $1500 averaging $983.33.

Photo - Mr Peter Braybon (left) and Mr Geoff Oliver ( Englewood Park) with the top price stud ram, EP586-03





Ear Tag

P.R. & A.M. Brayton

Tocumwal NSW



P.R. & A.M. Brayton

Tocumwal NSW



J.P.A. Molesworth

Morrisons VIC



J.R. & H.A. Adams

Willung VIC



P.B. Munn

Mortlake VIC



J.B Watt

Penshurst VIC



L.J. & J.L. Cheeseman

Lismore VIC



J. & M. Nelson

Cressy VIC



J.R. & H.A. Adams

Willung VIC



J.R. & H.A. Adams

Willung VIC






No of Ewes

Top Price

G. McEwan

Meredith VIC



S. Rundell

Condah VIC



D.C. & J.B. Carmichael

Tocumwall NSW






No of Rams

Top Price

L. Forster

Sutherland Creek VIC



M. Shawcross

Barrabool VIC



G. & J. Dehnert

Ballan VIC




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26th Annual Production Sale on October 8th 2003

The Stud Sale was very strong with . .

10 Stud Rams offered and selling to $2600, averaging $1690.
5 Elite Ewes sold to $275, averaging $250.
13 Selected Stud Ewes sold to $220, averaging $183.

In a buoyant Flock Ram Sale a record average of $732 was achieved with 108 Flock Rams selling from $400 to 10 rams selling for $950 each. 32 rams were sold for $900 or more.
Rams were sold as far afield as Finley, Euro, Hamilton, Kyneton, Ballarat, Colac and Cressy as well as local regular clients.

(Photo) Third priced Stud Ram (EP303-02) sold to R.F.G. Ferguson of Tatura, with Mr Ferguson and Englewood Park's Stephen Oliver.

Stud Ram purchasers -
T.C. & P.L. McIntosh, Warrion, EP675-02, $2600
T. & C. Riley, Ballarat, EP623-02, $2500
R.F.G. Ferguson, Tatura, EP303-02, $2250
N. & K. Stewart, Derrinallum, EP350-02, $1600
J.R.N. Molesworth, Ballarat, EP745-02, $1750
J.& M. Nelson, Cressy, EP77-02, $1400
R.M. Fox, Yarck, EP201-02, $1200

Stud Ewe Purchasers -
M. & M. Gillett, Shelford, 4 ewes, top price $275
P. & A. Brayton, Tocumwal, 3, $250
R.S. Rundell & Sons, Hamilton, 12, $180


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25th Annual Production Sale 2002

Results report to be posted


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24th Annual Production Sale 2001

Englewood Park Poll Dorsets, Inverleigh, conducted their Annual Production Sale on Wednesday October 10th 2001 and achieved a total clearance of sheep.

The Stud Sale was very strong with Hamilton Sheepvention Champion Ram E.P. 592-00 selling for $3500.

Stud ewes were keenly sought after selling to a top of $320.

A total clearance of 120 Flock Rams saw solid and consistent bidding. With a top price of only $640 and averaging $512, it showed the even run of rams offered.

Sale grossed $ 80,200 consisting of
9 Stud Rams to $3500 (average $1555),
9 Elete Ewes to $320 (average $244),
15 Stud Ewes to $240 (average $178), and
120 Flock Rams to $640 (average $512).

Stud Ram purchasers -
H. & K. Cameron, "Athlone" Penshurst, E.P.592-00 $3500.
G. & P. Heath, "Heathcote" Bacchus Marsh, E.P.491-00 $2400.
L. & M. Thompson "Gartlee" Myrniong, E.P. 110-00 $ 1800.
H. & K. Cameron, "Athlone" Penshurst, E.P.145-00 $1100.
A. Lang & Son, "Stratherrick" Beeac, E.P.100-00 $1100.
J.R.N. Molesworth, "Ballark" Elaine, E.P.16-00 $1100.
G. & P. Oliver, "Alinta" Ross Creek, E.P.155-00 $1000.
E. & J. Davis, "Lindores" Mt. Egerton, E.P.536-00 $1000.

Stud Ewe purchasers -
R. McCartney, "Yentral" Tatura, 4 ewes, top price of $320.
P. & A. Braybon "Woodville" Tocumwal, 5, $300.
M. & M. Gillett, "Nocton" Shelford, 2, $280.
N. Bogie, "Glenwood" Wingeel, 3, $240.
E. & J. Davis, "Lindores" Mt. Egerton, 2, $280.
P. Cain, "Carisbrook Park" Carisbrook, 4, $220.

Flock Ram purchasers -
G. & R. Pickering, Maldon, 5 rams, top price of $640.
N. & I. Richmond, Little River, 5, $640.
R. Missen, Beeac, 1, $620. C. Osbourne, Meredith, 3, $620.
M. McKinnon, Penshurst, 2, $600. Bolinda Vale, Clarkefield, 20, $560.

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